I say what you mean.

Your idea, campaign, organization or cause needs to meet people where they are.


I'm a copywriter, marketer and communications specialist based in the Comox Valley. I can help frame your story in a larger context to catch the media's eye. I can help refine your language to make it more accessible and inclusive. And together, we'll launch consistent and unique communications campaigns across digital and traditional media.

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Can they find you?

Millennials will outnumber Boomers any day now - as consumers and as voters - but most organizations don't speak in a language that makes them want to engage. Content and storytelling are key, and you can't afford to be late to that party.​

With on point messaging and storytelling strategies, snappy marketing videos and killer copywriting, I deliver content and campaigns that people love to read, share, gif, meme, favourite and retweet - making them more likely to click, buy, spread word of mouth, and vote.


Communications consulting

What should you say, where should you say it, and why?

Media relations

What's your story, and how should you pitch it to the media?

Content strategy

How can you visually represent your story across digital media?


What are the best words for your website and online presence?

What are you really trying to say?

Marketing videos

How can you show your product(s) or story in action?

Digital marketing

How can your customers find you online?


Social media marketing

How can you make the most of social media?

My rates vary depending on project scope and size.


I also do a limited amount of pro bono work per quarter (it never hurts to ask).

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About me

I was raised in the Comox Valley on the unceded traditional territory of the K'ómoks First Nation. I lived in Victoria, Vancouver, the Loire Valley, Bonn, Stockholm and Berlin, but home beckoned in 2018 and I haven't looked back. I have a BA (European Studies) and an LL.M. (International Human Rights Law) and over ten years of public relations, marketing and communications experience under my belt.

I love transforming complicated messages into easily digestible content that people actually understand.


 I write to democratize information


I've ghostwritten speeches for the Foreign Minster of Germany and written white papers for an Artificial Intelligence technology firm. I've field organized for a Democratic congressional hopeful and done video reporting for the local paper. I've managed an online community of over 3 million scientists and designed social media campaigns for small grassroots organizations.

We could probably find ways to spruce up your communications, so let's talk.

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